How to air fry apples

How to Air Fry Apples

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This is my favorite thing to do with apples. Knowing how to air fry apples is fantastic when you have been blessed with a gazillion apples during apple season. I am delighted to have gotten even my most culinarily-fickle siblings hooked on air-fried apples. Please note that harder apples like Pink Lady and Granny Smith become crisper when air fried. Softer apple varieties like McIntosh become softer. Both are yummy in my opinion just different. My mom has found that air-frying flavorless apples can bring out their sweetness, so those occasional bad apples don’t have to go straight to the compost bin. Here is how to air-fry apples.

*I have a BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer that is 3 years old. It works great, is easy to clean, and is what I got for Christmas one year.


  • Apples (Pink Lady used in the video)

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