2 supplements to Prevent Mastitis

2 Supplements to Prevent Mastitis

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Recognizing Mastitis

Any mom who has had mastitis knows that it’s the worst. The first time I had mastitis I could not figure out why I was shaking like I was freezing to death. My brain was so fried from sleep exhaustion that even nursing training couldn’t help me. My husband was so tired from working 60-hour weeks that he didn’t realize that I was burning with a fever. I took a long, hot shower until the shaking stopped. Thankfully, I burned off the fever. I realized the next morning that I had a large, red patch on my breast. Whoops. I totally missed that. The extreme lethargy that comes with mastitis didn’t leave for another couple of days. All I knew was that I did not want to go through that again.

Preventing Mastitis

Now let’s fast forward to our second baby. I got mastitis THREE TIMES in the first 4 weeks. I came across 2 supplements to prevent mastitis about a month postpartum. A mom I met said taking sunflower lecithin prevented her from getting mastitis. Whole Foods carries sunflower lecithin in-store at $10 for 90 capsules. When I remember to order ahead of time, I purchase Ledindairy Milk’s sunflower lecithin at $22 for 180 capsules. My sister-in-law also recommended oil of frankincense on the breasts whenever they get engorged. Revive sells a high-quality frankincense roll-on for $15 and free shipping. I was desperate, so I gave both a try. Now I have successfully avoided mastitis for the past 4 months despite moving during that period.

Sunflower lecithin has decent recognition in the medical community for being helpful in preventing clogged ducts. Another Healthline article notes “that essential oils may help with mastitis as well.” Frankincense is a wonderful-smelling anti-inflammatory oil, so it is my go-to.

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